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Because everyone is different.. Training with one of our personal trainers will make your workouts personalized, bespoke, structured, result based and a more rewarding experience.

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Tracking &

Knowing what works for you is key to constant improvement. Testing, retesting, and adjusting accordingly. Whether your aim is to gain strength, lose weight or improve mobility we track the progressions to ensure the tools and methods we use are effective for the individual.

Even a step further


Open to those of all skill levels at Sky Health The Hague we teach a number of specialty classes. Our motivated coaches will design the workouts to increase your Metabolic conditioning as well as increasing your skills. The 60 minute classes will leave you sweaty, energized and help you achieve your personal goals.

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diet plan

Eating right takes training too! We do NOT believe in diets as they have 1 thing in common… they are temporary. Our offering includes a program that provides education and tools to help you make the best food choices for your body in a small group format for lots of interaction, support, and fun! Real food, real learning, real support – a powerful and transformative combination for your health!

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Frequently asked

What happens after completing the 30 day trial?

We will evaluate where you stand and how to proceed in a matter that suits best for you, a M.A.P. will be discussed with your personal trainer at this time. If you decided its not for you, no hard feelings.

What can I expect to achieve in 30 days?

What does it take to transform your body? In one word, commitment! We will give you the ultimate kick-starter to make lasting lifestyle changes. We are confident that the results achieved in the trial will give you the motivation to progress.

What if i have multiple goals?

We help you navigate weight loss, skill development, mobility, strength and build stamina to redefine your body,  – because you’re as distinctive as your fitness aspirations you need more than just a workout. Our coaches have a wide spectrum of expertise.

Whats included in the meal and supplement plan?

First we establish where you stand and what your goal is, we will look at your overall know how of the basics and provide you with a easy to follow supplement plan as we strive to educate you about nutritional lifestyle changes as a key to your long term results.

Help i am a newbie?

No worry’s our coaches are trained and certified professionals who know how to progress training intensity accordingly to ensure a safe and fun workout yet challenging every time.

Can I train at different times on different days?

Yes we are quite flexible, our gym allows trainers to create their owns schedule to ensure the clients will always be able to train at times convenient for them.

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