• maha
    Hello my name is Maha and I’m from Kuwait and I’ve been at Sky health for the last year.
    It was so great and pleasurable for me being here at Sky health as they continuously provide me support to achieve better goals.
    Sky health for me as an expat is how I find it like  a second home where people here are so friendly and it’s a place where I can sweat and smile.
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  • Justyna
    I am Justyna, I am from Poland.
     I am a working mother of three.
     I was always busy, but decided to do something for myself and that’s how my adventure started with a personal trainer at sky health six months ago.
    What I like so much about Sky Health is that the training has been adapted to what I need.
    Every training is different, every time there are new challenges, this keeps my attention and thanks to a personal trainer I push myself to give myself more and more.
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  • Tom
    My name is Tom Robinson, I am 59 years old.
    I have been training at Sky Health for about nine months now which I really enjoy.
    Originally I am actually a runner, I have ran a lot of marathons, I also swam a lot.
    But I am glad that I train here now because that gives a lot more variety.
    I certainly notice that when you get older you also need more specific training and that is given here.
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