Our Vision

We put great value in setting an above industry standard of training, we thrive on the challenge not to be just any gym in town.

We aim to constantly improve great quality While providing an enjoyable environment for our clients and trainers.

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else… It’s about being better than you used to be”

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done”

Words from the founders


Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.

Developing a habit can be hard. While the logical side of your mind knows you should stick to a workout regimen to see results, the emotional side convinces you that skipping one more day won’t hurt anything.If you feel this tug-of-war often, it may not be an issue of motivation or laziness at all. Luckily, even though it takes some effort, you can actually rewire those circuits in your brain that convince you to skip workouts or slack off.


Strive for progress, not perfection.

Aiming for the stars should always be your goal in mind. Know It’s easy to avoid doing things you’re not good at, face the fact that you may have to work at something for a while before it becomes perfect. Instead of avoiding them altogether, find a way to progress into doing them, overtime you will get stronger, better, faster and more confident. Striving for progress is essentially the only way to reach perfection.

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Meet the team

  • Benjamin Gomes

    Benjamin Gomes

    What many people often do not realize is that you will need to have the will-power to resist desires and impulses that will distract you from your goal. Each person is unique and therefore requires a somewhat different approach than what might work for someone else. My name is Benjamin Gomes and the objective of BG Coaching is to support the person through their journey to reach a long-term lifestyle change and to provide them with the right information about nutrition and training. The right focus, in combination with knowledge about exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes, will be the basis of reaching each desired goal.


  • Kirby Kant

    Kirby Kant

    My mission? Transformation!
    I believe personal training is more than just sweating for an hour a week in the gym. Transformation starts from within (mindset). Combine that with the right nutrition and fitness plan and you will change your life.
    You are responsible for your own life, body and decisions. But I can coach you with personal strategy’s and guidence within mindset, fitness and nutrition which will get you the results you want.
    After losing 20 kg’s myself and getting more confident through sports I’m truly passionate to help others reach their own goals!
    My expertise in sports and fitness is: bodyshaping focused on weight lifing, high Intensity work outs/boxing for endurance, strength and ofcourse fun!

    If you are hungry for life, looking for the best version of yourself and willing to work, I am the coach for you.

    +31 6 24722481
  • Patrick van Leeuwen

    Patrick van Leeuwen

    We often set goals for ourselfs, because we know where we want to go.
    Helping you to build that motivation into a personal success story is
    where we’ll work on together.

    I believe change is inevitable, guide your change in the direction you envision.
    Weight loss, increasing mobility, gaining strength- muscle mass or simply adding more fun to your training are reasons to be on my team!



    Everything in life is a choice.
    When you make the choice to change your lifestyle, I can help you on this road towards your goals.
    It’s all about mindset, with the right one you can achieve everything you want!




    Are you looking to improve your fitness or simply lose a few kg’s?
    I have over 20 years experience (ACE certified) training in Hong Kong,
    London & the Netherlands. Specializing in pre & post pregnancy, conditioning,
    strength and functional training.
    If your are looking for a kick start then please get in touch for a complimentary session.



    I can help you achieve your goals, but my main focus is to make you feel awesome
    in your own skin.
    Changing your lifestyle not only helps you look and feel better, it also improves your focus, increases your energy and stimulates health and happiness.

    My fitness journey has helped me to overcome a back injury and to feel confident and strong again. It has been my inspiration and motivation to help others achieve the same.

    I am specialized in building muscle & strength, boxing and functional (HIIT) training. I implement these in my sessions to support your personal goals. If you want to work towards a happier and healthier lifestyle and have fun on the way, feel free to contact me for a complimentary session (this includes body measurement, workout and intake).



    Training is one thing, reach to achieve your goal(s) is the most important thing you need in your life, no one is gonna do it for you except your Personal Trainer that can guide you through it.



    Making people better and watching them grow gives me a boost.
    That’s why I’m looking forward to hearing your goals and helping you achieve them.
    Nothing will work unless you do, that’s my motto. By giving the best of me, together we will get the best out of you. Nutrition and training are the keys to the ultimate results. Progression leads to motivation and technique is the foundation of every training. This is one of the most important principles we’ll be working on to achieve your goals. Every training will be a new challenge, but challenges are there to be taken. By overcoming these challenges, the results will follow. Be proud at the process and together we are going to unlock your full potential.



    Since 2008 i am specialized as an independent Personal Trainer, helping people to establish their personal goals on fitness and health. I am also an advanced group fitness trainer in Power Yoga, Body Pump, Body Step and Body Balance and experienced in modern dance, Bootcamp and lifestyle coaching.

    Training with a personal trainer has proven to be effective. Beside the extra push for a visit to the gym you learn which exercises work best for you and also how you can perform them with the right technique. A trainer will give you specific adjustments and include variety so your body and mind will be continuously challenged. Together with healthy guidelines for nutrition you will get results faster and become the best version of you!

    I am here to motivate you and help you to reach your goals!

    Dutch, English and German speaking.

    Specialised in: Functional training on strength, flexibility and weight loss Postural Corrective Exercise Back-, neck- and shoulder pain Toning and building muscle mass Nutrition and training

  • Jamel


    Ben je klaar om een blijvende verandering te maken? Ik ben de enthousiaste, ervaren trainer die jou gaat helpen om fitter en sterker dan ooit te worden!

    In mijn jarenlange ervaring als personal trainer heb ik voornamelijk ontdekt dat het bij fitness om veel meer draait dan het plaatje. Het gaat erom dat je je sterk voelt, fit en dat je vertrouwen krijgt in je lichaam. Mijn trainingen zijn daarom een balans tussen kracht en conditie, waarbij de focus vooral ligt op uithoudingsvermogen en techniek.

    Klaar om sporten weer leuk te maken? Neem dan contact met me op:



    Vanaf jongs af aan ben ik al bezig met sporten. In 2012 ben ik afgestudeerd als fysiotherapeut, nadat ik daarvoor een sportopleiding volgde met hoofdkeuze vakken Fitness. Plezier vind ik misschien nog wel het allerbelangrijkste tijdens het trainen. Dingen doen die jij niet leuk vind, dat ga je niet lang volhouden.

    Ik werk nu als (sport)fysiotherapeut in een sportmedisch centrum en als Personal Trainer (op vrijdag) bij Sky Health en combineer mijn kennis van twee velden in mijn trainingen.

    Fysieke klachten? Sport doelen? Afvallen? Preventief? Topsport? wij kijken samen wat het beste werkt om jouw doel te bereiken. Neem contact op via:

  • Melvin


    I Believe that being physically active gives your mind and body more Energy and less stress. More energy that you can use during the day for other thing besides working out. How do we accomplish this?
    By using the right method of training that suits your lifestyle.
    Being fit isn’t only physical is also a state of mind

  • Michael


    Hi, I am Michael, thanks for checking my profile!
    What brought you here?
    Tell me your goals and i will make a personal plan so we can make that happen together.
    I will guide and coach you to a fitter, stronger and better you!

    Lets do this!

  • Manouk


    Result are everyone’s main priority, however proper mindset and technique are the keys to successfully reaching your goals.
    I believe in listening to my clients and giving them a program that is not only realistic, safe, but also fun. If your new to sport, have a specific goal to achieve or just want to have fun while getting in shape, then give me a call for a complimentary session.



    “The only time you lose is when you give up”

    I believe that the mind is the most powerful weapon you can have. To achieve goals and book progression you not only have to train the body but also the mind. With this statement I know people can conquer certain goals they thought they would never be able to.

    So you want to lose weight, do a proper pull-up, run the marathon or build muscle? I will help to fight, achieve and even excel in your own dreams!

    Every human being is as unique as a fingerprint and need a different approach. As a certified personal trainer I have the knowledge to know which method is the right one for you and your body, and will lead to succes.

    Are you ready to kick some ass?!

    Specialised in:
    – Functional training
    – Strength training and weight loss
    – Bodyweight training (calisthenics)
    – Nutrition

  • Aleks Gegova

    Aleks Gegova

    Don’t cry over boys. Do some squats and make them cry wishing they still had that ass”
    As a professional athlete I want to help and inspire you that you DO matter and you can achieve anything you like as long as you are willing to work for it!
    Personal training is more than just training someone, it’s about awareness of the body and nutrition and dealing with stress and obstacles.
    Consider the following highlights of my qualifications:
    • Providing personalized attention and professional instruction to optimize health and wellness goals.
    • Conducting one-on-one consultations to develop fitness plans tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals.
    • Leading individual and group training sessions while providing ongoing exercise instruction, support, and encouragement.
    • Leveraging passion healthy lifestyles, improved physical activity practices, and stress reduction techniques to facilitate enhanced client health and overall well-being.
    • Demonstrating commitment to physical education and health as a professional competitive athlete.
    Sometimes getting started is all you need to begin to make a lifestyle change!

  • Arash Sohrabie

    Arash Sohrabie

    When was the last time you tested yourself to the limit? Hi everyone,
    As a Personal / Performance Trainer I am trying to innovate in our body movements and seek to inspire others by doing the same by sharing our knowledge, wisdom, experience, Hardman ship and energy
    Personal training is about bringing someone’s potential out and keeping the person fit and healthy. Even when there are times you don’t believe in yourself, I will be there for you to find your faith again.
    I will motivate you, energize you and keep challenging you to have fun and enjoy moving and working out. And eventually reach a new state of mind!
    I believe that everyone should be treated as an (professional) athlete, only then you reach new levels. When we take you serious, you will then take yourself serious.
    It is absolutely not hard to become better, fitter, stronger and healthier.
    It just takes time, discipline, patience, perseverance and good will. And with the right coaching and help you can get to this point in no time while having fun!
    My goal is to help you, to inspire you that you do matter and you can achieve anything as long as you work hard enough for it!
    I am looking for motivated people with a mission! Are you that person?

  • Guido van Belle

    Guido van Belle

    Hi! Mijn naam is Guido van Belle, personal trainer en leefstijlcoach van beroep! Mijn ultieme doel is zoveel mogelijk mensen te helpen om het maximale uit hun leven te halen op het gebied van gezondheid. Denk aan sterker worden, bewust worden van voeding, beter kunnen slapen etc.
    Hi! My name is Guido van Belle, personal trainer and lifestyle coach is my proffesion. My ultimate goal is to help as much people to get the full benefits of the life based on health. Think about getting stronger, be-ing aware of food, better sleep etc.

  • Pascal Nasir

    Pascal Nasir

    I have been doing fitness for about more then 10 years. Fitness was always been my hobby, it has become a lifestyle. I also did karate and kickboxing to make my training a little bit challenging. During the years I’ve learned the most important thing in any sport, I’ve learned that fitness is not only about the physical state, but also the mentally and spiritually state. We can do amazing things with our body and with the perfect mindset in every physical training, with proper nutrition andsufficient rest you can achieve any goal.

    After 3 years of military school I’ve learned to survive and overcome different challenges along the way. The mind is our powerful tool.

    If there is will, there is a way

    As a personal trainer I can help you achieve your goal andtogether we will overcome any challenge.

    For a free training or intake send me a message at pascal_nasir91@hotmail.com

  • Reggion Lichtenberg

    Reggion Lichtenberg

    Hi My name is Reggion Lichtenberg

    I am a personal trainer and Nutritionist

    My mission is to help you achieve your fitness goals and teach you how to live a healthier life by combining my experience

    and knowledge of a personal trainer and nutritionist.

    Are you an athlete and you want to perform better? Work2achieve got your back with your sport nutrition.

    I am specialised in training athletes for bodybuilding competition with your health on a high standard.

    Are you ready to start a healthier lifestyle or you want to improve your condition or just work on that summer body?

    I am here to help you. We are going to Work to Achieve your Goals.


    e- mail: info@work2achieve.nl

    Website: www.work2achieve.nl

    Phone: 06-40164161

  • Jane Bonte

    Jane Bonte

    Hi Everyone, 

    Allow me to introduce myself my name is Jane and I’m a trainer at Sky Health The Hague.

    My work is also my passion as I started my career in sports at the age of 16 with many career wins as a runner/sprinter athlete., and I have trained and worked in sports ever since.

     I am fortunate to work with motivated individuals striving to make them a better , happier and healthier person. My motto, work hard, enjoy every moment of it and always try to improve yourself.

     My training I would say is diverse and custom to the individual needs, everyone is different and therefore the training needs to be.

     I enjoy working with people from all levels of fitness, weather you are just starting off or trying to improve and up your game, I GOT YOU!

    Looking forward meeting you in person for a complimentary personal training session with me.

    “No Jane, No Gain!”


    ‭+31 6 48 27 37 85‬

  • Mazarine Henninger

    Mazarine Henninger

    Your coach when it comes to weight loss, motivation, nutrition, mindfulness, fat burn, toning & sculpting your body.

    As your coach your goal instantly becomes my goal. Every woman has a different body type and it’s my job to guide you through your transformation towards the best version of yourself at your own pace.

    After a career in modelling I prioritised a lifestyle of healthy weight loss with a warm and effective approach and most important, fun! Which created the ‘train like a model’ method.

    After training models from all over the world preparing them for their careers, it’s time to bring the workouts to you!

    Certified female personal training, slimming workouts for every woman of each shape, size and age.

    Come and try the method for yourself and book a free intake!



  • Vuyisile Mbula

    Vuyisile Mbula

     Qualifications: Human movement degree , Strength & Condition degrees and Life Coach certificate
    :: Personal Training session should always be fun for the client and client get full attention.
    Special in one on one Training

  • Donavan Hamen

    Donavan Hamen

    If you have struggles, issues or other problems in life that give you a lack of self confidence ! I will be open about my story, how I coped with my problems and let me help you the cope with your problems through sport and good conservations because if you put your mind to something everything is possible !


    Donavan Hamen