Onze visie

We hechten veel waarde aan het stellen van een boven de industrienorm van training, we zijn bereid voor de uitdaging om niet zomaar een sportschool te zijn.

We streven ernaar om voortdurend de hoge kwaliteit te verbeteren en tegelijkertijd een aangename omgeving te bieden voor onze klanten en trainers.

“Fitness draait niet om beter te zijn dan iemand anders … Het gaat erom beter te zijn dan je zelf van vroeger”

“Als je te veel tijd besteedt aan het nadenken over iets, zul je het nooit voor elkaar krijgen”

Woorden van de oprichters


Je lichaam kan veel aan. Het is je mindset die je moet overtuigen.

Het ontwikkelen van een gewoonte kan moeilijk zijn. Terwijl de logische kant van je geest weet dat je je moet houden aan een trainingsregime om resultaten te zien, overtuigt de emotionele kant je dat het overslaan van nog een dagje niets zal doen. Als je dit touwtrekken vaak voelt, is het misschien helemaal niet zo een kwestie van motivatie of luiheid. Gelukkig, hoewel het enige moeite kost, kun je jezelf overtuigen om de neiging om  trainingen over te slaan of af te remmen, en je ertoe aanzetten om het met beide handen aan te pakken.


Streven naar voortgang en niet naar perfectie.

Streven naar de sterren moet altijd je doel voor ogen zijn. Weet dat het gemakkelijk is om de dingen waar je niet goed in bent na te laten en het feit is dat je misschien een tijdje ergens aan moet werken voordat het perfect wordt. In plaats van het helemaal  vermijden, ook al is het stapsgewijs, vind een manier om steeds voortgang te boeken, word beter, sterker, sneller en krijg op ten duur meer zelfvertrouwen om het een tandje op te schroeven. Streven naar vooruitgang is in wezen de enige manier om perfectie te bereiken.

Train jouw
klanten bij
Sky Health

Ben jij een onafhankelijke personal trainer? Wil jij jouw klanten trainen bij Sky Health Den Haag?

Ontmoet het team

  • Kirby Kant

    Kirby Kant

    My mission? Transformation!
    I believe personal training is more than just sweating for an hour a week in the gym. Transformation starts from within (mindset). Combine that with the right nutrition and fitness plan and you will change your life.
    You are responsible for your own life, body and decisions. But I can coach you with personal strategy’s and guidence within mindset, fitness and nutrition which will get you the results you want.
    After losing 20 kg’s myself and getting more confident through sports I’m truly passionate to help others reach their own goals!
    My expertise in sports and fitness is: bodyshaping focused on weight lifing, high Intensity work outs/boxing for endurance, strength and ofcourse fun!

    If you are hungry for life, looking for the best version of yourself and willing to work, I am the coach for you.

    +31 6 24722481


    Are you looking to improve your fitness or simply lose a few kg’s?
    I have over 20 years experience (ACE certified) training in Hong Kong,
    London & the Netherlands. Specializing in pre & post pregnancy, conditioning,
    strength and functional training.
    If your are looking for a kick start then please get in touch for a complimentary session.



    I can help you achieve your goals, but my main focus is to make you feel awesome
    in your own skin.
    Changing your lifestyle not only helps you look and feel better, it also improves your focus, increases your energy and stimulates health and happiness.

    My fitness journey has helped me to overcome a back injury and to feel confident and strong again. It has been my inspiration and motivation to help others achieve the same.

    I am specialized in building muscle & strength, boxing and functional (HIIT) training. I implement these in my sessions to support your personal goals. If you want to work towards a happier and healthier lifestyle and have fun on the way, feel free to contact me for a complimentary session (this includes body measurement, workout and intake).



    Since 2008 i am specialized as an independent Personal Trainer, helping people to establish their personal goals on fitness and health. I am also an advanced group fitness trainer in Power Yoga, Body Pump, Body Step and Body Balance and experienced in modern dance, Bootcamp and lifestyle coaching.

    Training with a personal trainer has proven to be effective. Beside the extra push for a visit to the gym you learn which exercises work best for you and also how you can perform them with the right technique. A trainer will give you specific adjustments and include variety so your body and mind will be continuously challenged. Together with healthy guidelines for nutrition you will get results faster and become the best version of you!

    I am here to motivate you and help you to reach your goals!

    Dutch, English and German speaking.

    Specialised in: Functional training on strength, flexibility and weight loss Postural Corrective Exercise Back-, neck- and shoulder pain Toning and building muscle mass Nutrition and training

  • Aleks Gegova

    Aleks Gegova

    Don’t cry over boys. Do some squats and make them cry wishing they still had that ass”
    As a professional athlete I want to help and inspire you that you DO matter and you can achieve anything you like as long as you are willing to work for it!
    Personal training is more than just training someone, it’s about awareness of the body and nutrition and dealing with stress and obstacles.
    Consider the following highlights of my qualifications:
    • Providing personalized attention and professional instruction to optimize health and wellness goals.
    • Conducting one-on-one consultations to develop fitness plans tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals.
    • Leading individual and group training sessions while providing ongoing exercise instruction, support, and encouragement.
    • Leveraging passion healthy lifestyles, improved physical activity practices, and stress reduction techniques to facilitate enhanced client health and overall well-being.
    • Demonstrating commitment to physical education and health as a professional competitive athlete.
    Sometimes getting started is all you need to begin to make a lifestyle change!

  • Arash Sohrabie

    Arash Sohrabie

    When was the last time you tested yourself to the limit? Hi everyone,
    As a Personal / Performance Trainer I am trying to innovate in our body movements and seek to inspire others by doing the same by sharing our knowledge, wisdom, experience, Hardman ship and energy
    Personal training is about bringing someone’s potential out and keeping the person fit and healthy. Even when there are times you don’t believe in yourself, I will be there for you to find your faith again.
    I will motivate you, energize you and keep challenging you to have fun and enjoy moving and working out. And eventually reach a new state of mind!
    I believe that everyone should be treated as an (professional) athlete, only then you reach new levels. When we take you serious, you will then take yourself serious.
    It is absolutely not hard to become better, fitter, stronger and healthier.
    It just takes time, discipline, patience, perseverance and good will. And with the right coaching and help you can get to this point in no time while having fun!
    My goal is to help you, to inspire you that you do matter and you can achieve anything as long as you work hard enough for it!
    I am looking for motivated people with a mission! Are you that person?

  • Pascal Nasir

    Pascal Nasir

    I have been doing fitness for about more then 10 years. Fitness was always been my hobby, it has become a lifestyle. I also did karate and kickboxing to make my training a little bit challenging. During the years I’ve learned the most important thing in any sport, I’ve learned that fitness is not only about the physical state, but also the mentally and spiritually state. We can do amazing things with our body and with the perfect mindset in every physical training, with proper nutrition andsufficient rest you can achieve any goal.

    After 3 years of military school I’ve learned to survive and overcome different challenges along the way. The mind is our powerful tool.

    If there is will, there is a way

    As a personal trainer I can help you achieve your goal andtogether we will overcome any challenge.

    For a free training or intake send me a message at pascal_nasir91@hotmail.com

  • Reggion Lichtenberg

    Reggion Lichtenberg

    Hi My name is Reggion Lichtenberg

    I am a personal trainer and Nutritionist

    My mission is to help you achieve your fitness goals and teach you how to live a healthier life by combining my experience

    and knowledge of a personal trainer and nutritionist.

    Are you an athlete and you want to perform better? Work2achieve got your back with your sport nutrition.

    I am specialised in training athletes for bodybuilding competition with your health on a high standard.

    Are you ready to start a healthier lifestyle or you want to improve your condition or just work on that summer body?

    I am here to help you. We are going to Work to Achieve your Goals.


    e- mail: info@work2achieve.nl

    Website: www.work2achieve.nl

    Phone: 06-40164161

  • Donavan Hamen

    Donavan Hamen

    If you have struggles, issues or other problems in life that give you a lack of self confidence ! I will be open about my story, how I coped with my problems and let me help you the cope with your problems through sport and good conservations because if you put your mind to something everything is possible !


    Donavan Hamen

  • Robert Schnetz

    Robert Schnetz

    I believe sports should be fun. Whether your goal is life changing or just a positive add to your lifestyle. Key is commitment and repeat, so your body and mind adapts. Therefore, training under professional guidance is more efficiently. That’s where I drop in, to help you achieve your goal.


    My story? I’m a freerunner since 2007, who also happens to be good at fitness. I have always incorporated the two together. So if you’re also up for a little bit of Freerun training, I’m your guy!





  • Martijn van Putten

    Martijn van Putten

    The world is our playground. My workout plan is based on two combined aspects: indoor and
    outdoor. Whether we workout at Skyhealth focusing on posture, motor development and strength.
    Or going outdoors to your nearby park or at the beach where we can run and breath fresh air during
    conditioning focused training. Combining these two aspects gives you the full package. Where
    working out indoors provides the physical progress and working out in the fresh air gives you mental
    benefits like stress relieve and a clear mind.
    Mind and body should be in balance, so we focus on a plan that helps both.


    Martijn van Putten
    Instagram: martysfitness

  • Taidgh van der Kraan

    Taidgh van der Kraan

    This is not about me, this is about you.

    This is about you wanting something and me teaching you how to get there.

    The goal can range from doing a single push up to losing X amount of weight or maybe even performing in your sport of choice. It doesn’t matter, what matters is commitment.

    The goal will determine our plan and together we’ll attack the goal as hard as we can. No gimmicks, no fad diets or anything of the sort. We will do whatever is appropriate to make you better and reach your goal.

    Motivation will get you started but seeing your efforts turn into results will keep you going.

    Intrigued? Give me a call or send me an email.

    Taidgh van der Kraan –
    Personal Trainer, Powerlifting Coach & Specialist in Human Movement.

  • Alexander


    Hi! My name is Alexander
    (Not alex).
    I was born and raised in New York where I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years.
    Moving to The Netherlands, The Hague, came with a lot of challenges and starting all over with a new clientbase is one of them. As soon as I heard of Skyhealth I started to get excited again! So if there are any English speakers or U.S. expats out there who need a good work out, or are ready to be introduced to their own fitness journey, hit me up.

  • Rick van Os

    Rick van Os

    My name is Rick and I teach Functional Bodybuilding at Sky Health the Box. I first set foot in the gym in early 2018, but it wasn’t until I joined the Sky community that my passion for sports and exercise went into overdrive. Consequently, I quit my 9 to 5 in order to pursue a career in the health and fitness industries.

    As it stands, I find myself smack-dab in the middle of obtaining my EREPS level 4 certification from Milo Education and Performance. Simultaneously studying and coaching puts me in the luxury position of testing and implementing newly-acquired knowledge into practice.

    Functional Bodybuilding are Powerlifting are the building blocks of my own exercise regimen, but I concede that there’s more to exercising than just building muscle and becoming stronger. It is, in fact, the mental aspects to strength training that turn it into a beautiful and fulfilling activity (for me). The feeling of achievement, building character, mental wellbeing and a sense of community are some of the mental aspects to strength training I seek to promote in my classes.

    So, are you ready to tap into a happier and healthier version of you? Come and join me for the Functional Bodybuilding classes at the Box, and l’ll show you what it’s all about ??.

    mail: hello.rickvanos@gmail.com
    tel.: +31640911371
    IG: @rickvanos.pt
    Photo credit: @nmarcusse

  • Danique


    Over the last eight years I have developed a great passion, a passion for fitness and (plant-based) nutriton. For a healthy lifestyle, one can not exist without the other.
    As a certified personal trainer and soon dietician to be, I can teach you the basics of a sustainable healthy lifestyle. This will look different for everyone, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to training and nutrition. Together we will make a plan to achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be.
    I believe that everybody is capable of creating a healthy life, I am here to help you create that through personal training and nutrition guidance
    Interested in personal training or duo training? Don’t hesitate and send me a DM on Instagram @ppnutritionandtraining or email me on ppnutritionandtraining@gmail.com

  • London Tampo

    London Tampo

    Ik ben London Tampo en ben al een jaar of 9 actief in de fitnessbranche. Ik heb mij in die tijd ontwikkeld van stage leerling tot nationaal gecertificeerd personal trainer.

    Mijn passie ligt in het motiveren van mensen en het hierin behalen van hun resultaten. Met de juiste ervaring weet ik de juiste technieken, oefeningen, rust-training verhouding en voeding zo te combineren dat resultaten optimaal te behalen zijn.

    Op verschillende vlakken kan ik JOU begeleiden met afvallen, fit blijven, begeleiding in je trainingsschema maar vooral ook het leuk vinden om fit te zijn.

    Ik spreek frans, engels en nederlands dus ook als expat ben je welkom.


    Verbeteren van uithoudingsvermogen
    Sport specifieke training
    Conditie training
    Personal training
    Circuit trainingen
    Het opzetten van persoonlijke voedingsschema’s

    Emailadres: Londontampo@gmail.com

    Telnr: 0684896728

    I am London Tampo and have been in the fitness industry for about 9 years. In that time I have developed from an internship student to a nationally certified personal trainer.

    My passion lies in motivating people and achieving their results. With the right experience I know how to combine the right techniques, exercises, rest-training ratio and nutrition in such a way that results are optimally achieved.

    On different levels I can guide YOU to lose weight, keep fit, guide you in your training schedule but above all enjoy being fit.

    I speak French, English and Dutch so even as an expat you are welcome.


    Improving stamina
    Core/stability training
    Sport specific training
    Fitness training
    Personal Training
    Circuit training
    Setting up personal nutrition programs

    Emailadres: Londontampo@gmail.com

    Phone no: 0684896728

  • Luc Lentz

    Luc Lentz

    Mijn naam is Luc Lentz.

    Ik ben 5 jaar werkzaam in de fitness brance. Zelf weet ik hoe het is om te schommelen in gewicht door onder andere mijn knie operatie, overgewicht vroeger en in 2020 een droogtrain fase te hebben ondergaan.

    Elk individu is anders en vereist daarom ook een op maat gemaakte aanpak.

    Mijn specialisatie’s zijn kracht opbouw, spieropbouw & afvallen. Geen enkele training zal gewoon of saai zijn door mijn enthousiaste & sociale karakter. Wat ook weer helpt om gemotiveerd te blijven met de uitdagende doelen die we samen stellen.

    Mocht u interesse hebben om een keer een gratis proefles te nemen bent u van harte welkom. Hieronder kunt u contact opnemen met mij & ik hoop dat ik u binnenkort kan helpen met uw doelstelling!

    Email: Luclentz109@gmail.com

    Whatsapp: 0623842777

  • Noah


    Hey, I’m Noah! With 9 years of experience in sports strength and conditioning, as well as boxing, I’ve developed two superpowers: the ability to finish up to 4 main courses for dinner and to help you become the best physical and mental version of yourself!
    If you’re interested contact me at ‪+31 6 12221056‬
    See you soon!

  • Zachery


    With a background spanning more than a decade in the fitness industry a training philosophy based on the most up to date evidence and 1000s of hours devoted to helping individuals reach their objectives.

    From building muscle as efficiently as possible ;recovering from an injury or improving your athletic performance
    My experience will guide you towards reaching your goals.


  • Max


    Hey, I’m Max, your personal trainer specializing in no-nonsense strength training, with a focus on powerlifting and strongman workouts. After a significant weight loss journey, I’ve tailored my approach around heavy lifts for impactful results.

    But here’s the twist – our sessions aren’t just about hard work; they’re about embracing the positive vibes and having a blast along the way. Let’s lift, sweat, and laugh together, creating a fitness journey that’s both effective and enjoyable. Ready to unleash your strength and have some fun? Let’s do this! ????️‍♂️????