Freestyle Power Pilates

Weather you are an athlete or just looking to feel stronger this Class is Perfect for anyone looking to improve Functional Core strength and stability. The focus lays on Core training and dynamic stretching.

(Kick) Boxing

In the Boxing and Kick-Boxing lessons you can expect a fun dynamic training. There will be an emphasis on a conditional workout with a lot of technique and combinations of punches, kicks and knees. Everyone is welcome as long as you are ready for a Kick-ass training


Practice a very old sport that makes you stronger than a Spartan, learn the techniques and activations for most power moves (handstand, human flag, muscle ups and the levers) train with your own body weight and reach your full potential.


Improve your basic techniques of Handstanding. From compression to press to hold. Based on the fundamental techniques of Cirque the Soleil. Create the perfect straight handstand and transition towards different handstand forms and get stronger with various core and compression drills

Circuit training HIIT

Training in sixth gear. Thats what this class is about, technique, isolation, breathing, speed and coordination. So this is not your standard circuit training.. Train like an athlete and burn 500-1000 calories per hour in a fun and challenging way.

Olympic Weightlifting 

In this specialty class we will teach you the two most spectacular (olympic) lifts in all of the world of fitness and strength/power training.. The SNATCH and the CLEAN & JERK.

The end goal is to lift a loaded barbell in one (snatch) or two (C&J) moves off the floor to overhead. You will develop skill, strengt, power, timing, mobility and coordination.